Hello and thank you for visiting our Rocket Wrestling website. I want to share with you what Rocket Wrestling is all about. Rocket Wrestling is an organization that supports Central High School Wrestling, Central Middle School Wrestling, and our youth Rockets Wrestling Club. Our vision is to develop young men and women with the characteristics needed to be successful on the mat, and more importantly, in life. We call that characteristic “The wrestler’s way”.

The wrestler’s way is unique, distinguishable, and simple. There is one path to develop the wrestler’s way, and that path is through hard work. The wrestler’s way is to strive to be the best in everything you do, for the sake of being the best you can be. This strive does not limit itself to the wrestling mat, but permeates the wrestler in every aspect of his or her life. Be the best student, be the best friend, be the best parent; always be the best you can be. Wrestlers know when wrestlers have the wrestler’s way. It is the vision of Rocket Wrestling to develop a family of wrestlers that leave our programs with the wrestler’s way, and when they leave our program they can approach any task or any situation and have the character that is the foundation of success.

There are no shorts cuts, and everything worth achieving takes hard work and determination. If that mentality is the only thing a Rocket wrestler takes from this program, then we consider it a success.

“Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.” – Dan Gable

Thanks again,

Coach Bakley